The sheer beauty, dense wilderness, and sprawling isolation of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, has never been more enticing than it is today. In recent weeks, folks from all over, including Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, have been flocking to Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park in search of tranquility, adventure, and a smidge of luxury. That’s where Blue Beaver Luxury Cabins enters the conversation. Our fleet of luxurious yet rustic Beavers Bend cabin rentals is among the largest (and most sophisticated) in the region. Each semi-secluded, fully-equipped cabin is minutes away from seemingly endless mid-day adventure possibilities, including Broken Bow kayaking, hiking, and fishing. Today, we’re going to place most of our attention on the Lower Mountain Fork River, arguably the most popular whitewater stream in the state.

Lower Mountain Fork River Trips

Interestingly enough, most travelers who ask about a potential Broken Bow kayaking excursion end up on the rumbling Lower Mountain Fork River, just south of Beavers Bend State Park. On the surface, you might think that most tourists prefer to explore Broken Bow Lake’s 14,000 acres, including dramatic cliffs, uninhabited islands, and countless hidden coves. However, the allure of the Lower Mountain Fork River remains too great. Thus, the majority of Broken Bow kayaking trips are of the whitewater variety. That being said, Mountain Fork isn’t overly challenging, as most rapids sit in the Class I or II range. It’s a great way to explore southeast Oklahoma, get some exercise, and share some laughs with family and friends.

Rentals and Guiding Services

There are nearly a dozen outfitters that provide either kayak rentals or, on rare occasions, guiding services. Among the bunch, a few companies stand out. Cowboy Canoe offers free hot dogs; Skippa-Rock boasts full-day guided trips; Tippa Canoe and Ambush’s rentals start at only $25. Click the links below to learn more about each reputable Broken Bow kayaking company.

Survey the Lake: Broken Bow Kayaking

Photo of Couple Broken Bow Kayaking on the Lake.But, of course, it’s not uncommon for a thrill-seeker or nature enthusiast to arrive in town with their kayaks strapped to the hood of their car. Self-guided exploration atop Broken Bow Lake is a spectacular experience, especially for those who enjoy surveying uncharted territories. As we stated above, the lake is revered for its rugged cliffs, curious isles, and hidden forks. Yes, you’ll stumble upon anglers, boaters, and paddleboarders on occasion. But there’s much less traffic on Broken Bow Lake than the Lower Mountain Fork River. It’s also a more peaceful, scenic exploit. We highly recommend kayak fishing to those who revere both sports. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to pack a picnic to enjoy on a particularly secluded shoreline. Because there are over 14,000 acres of water to explore, don’t hesitate to paddle out several times during your upcoming stay.

The Best Cabin Rentals in Oklahoma

Photo of a Luxury Cabin, Just Minutes Away from Broken Bow Kayaking Trips.When you’re not backpacking, birding, fishing, or kayaking in Broken Bow, please take full advantage of the many amenities available at your luxury cabin rental. These top-reviewed Broken Bow cabin rentals rest amid towering pines and hardwoods, and most of which feature an outdoor hot tub, chef’s kitchen, fire pit, stone fireplace, luxury furnishings, local art, and several acres of wilderness. It’s also worth noting that each of these stellar, modern cabins is just a short jaunt from countless woodland adventures. To inquire about a cabin getaway to southeast Oklahoma, please call us today at 580-494-3400 (or check availability online).